rf ceiling fan

  • Casablanca 99020 Ceiling fan remote (USA)


  • Monte Carlo RF315mhz Ceiling Fan Remote (USA)
  • BEST Range Hoods(USA)
  • PECHAM F1/F2 Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Controller (USA)


  • Sirius RF HOOD (USA)
  • BigAssFan HaiKu Standard IR Controlled Fan (USA)
  • Harbour Breeze RF433mhz Fan (USA)
  • Loewe RF433mhz Fan (USA Home Depot)
  • Monte Carlo RF315mhz Fn
  • KDK IR Controlled Fan ((South East Asia))
  • FANCO RF Fan (South East Asia)
  • Crestar RF Fan (South East Asia)
  • iPuray RF fan & light control  module (South East Asia) 

Let's share the compatible RF433/315mhz appliances which works with MultiX for the Installer Community. So if you have recently tested some new, post on our social media & we will update here! We will try to keep this list as updated as we can.