COMMENTS of Multix from dealers around the world

"I just made a new test, have one multix at home and playing with it in different setups. Really a nice product.
I once again tested this motorized lift with the old firmware just to make sure, and it did not work. After update it works just fine!!! So the update will do the work on this lift.. All i have to do now is to hopefully sell it to the customer
. "

Aug 2015, Sweden Dealer

"The kitchen hob extractor fan that I am trying to control has build in lights that have a toggle button on the RF remote.  I can learn this with the MultiX "

Oct 2015, UK Dealer 

"We tested the module and it works well. It is really nice device.  we will order some more."' 

Sep 2015, Saudi Arabia Dealer

"Great product and great support. Our customer wanted to control 2 fireplaces, but the Multi-X couldn't learn the RF commands.  We sent a remote to Matterlink and they quickly had new firmware to support this Mertik Maxitrol RF315mhz fireplace.  One Multi-X now allows control of both fireplaces individually.  The device has great range too."

Aug 2015 ,USA Dealer 

"Magic happens when you use Multix with the Panasonic Projector."

Mar 2015, India Dealer

"Hi! I have tested! PERFECT!!!Show! Show!"

July 2015, Brazil Dealer

"It works great with klik aan klik uit!"

Aug 2015, Netherlands Dealer

"Monte Carlo RF ceiling fan integrated nicely today! 315 mhz.  Thanks matterlink!  ."

Aug 2016, USA Dealer in C4 Forum

"I've just tested the Multi X with a Vertilux Celtic II motor and it worked flawlessly, I've also tested it with a

Tecno lite LED strip controller and the same results. I'm impressed with the simplicity you achieved with this solution."

Oct 2015, Mexican Dealer