frequently asked questions

Can the Multi-X emit IR codes from Control4 driver library?

Yes. The 360 degree IR blaster on the Multi-X acts as a standard Control4 IR output port. Just connect devices to the Multi-X IR output in Composer – no further setup is required.

What does the RF learning capability means for Control4 installations?

It means that the Multi-X can learn the command functions from RF 315/433 MHz remote controlsof many home appliances and then integrate with Control4.

What devices are supported?

The driver package includes specific drivers for Blinds and Fans as well as a relay driver that can beconnected to any Control4 ‘Motorization Device’. This enables UI representation of Garage Doors,Gates, Fountains, TV Lifts and Projector screens.In all cases no additional wiring is required; simply deploy a Multi-X in the vicinity of the RF device.

What about other devices?

Any learnt code can be emitted via Custom Programming. This enables RF to be sent to any device based on any Control4 event or activity.

What is the range of RF315/433 MHz emit capability?

Under normal concrete wall, the signal emitted can penetrate 10-15m through walls in the vicinity.This means that a Multi-X can wireless control several set of blinds in a deployment or be positionedinside to control and external device like gates.

Is there any number limit on the IR blaster and RF315/433 MHz blaster capability?

As an IR emitter there is essentially no limit to the number of codes that can be sent from theControl4 system. Up to 200 RF codes can be stored per gateway via the driver.

How easy is it to learn codes?

All codes are learnt via an intuitive web browser interface. All code types can be learnt and namedvia the browser interface for subsequent recall in Composer.

When there is more than one Multi-X deployed in a particular Control4 home system, does itmean we have to repeat the same learning process for the same RF 315/433MHz command codefor each Multi-X device?

No. All codes are stored on the Control4 controller. The learnt codes can be saved to computer foruploading into another gateway. This enables multiple gateways in the same or different projects tobe easily configured.

Where is the learned RF 315/433 MHz stored?

It is stored in the Control4 home controller. If the Multi-X is changed the new device does notrequire configuration. If the Control4 controller is changed the saved configuration can be quickly uploaded into the new controller.

Does the Multi-X support Wi-Fi network connection?

The Multi-X currently only supports a wired Ethernet connection.