1) MultiX does not respond after a power cycle of the system?

This problem often occurs in a multiple deployment scenarios. To solve this issue, login into the router and reserve IP address to the MAC address of each Multi X.

2) How to identify each MultiX and its MAC address if there are more than two of them connected to the system?

Under the driver properties page, it shows the IP & MAC address of the Gateway detected. Then go to the action tab of the driver to click“re-discover” & “select next gateway” and after which go back to the properties page, to see the MAC & IP add of gateway detected. In order to identify which MAC id belongs to which gateway, you may turn on the “test beep” at the properties and go action tab to click “test code”to see which MultiX is beeping sound while emitting test code.

3) How to use Multi X under Comfort in Navigator for Generic IR controlled AC ?

Currently it has to work with the Chowmain Generic IR thermostat available on 

For step by step instructions on how to use, please click here.